Yarn Forward Corrections

Unfortunately Kerrie hasn’t had time yet to upload the corrections I have sent her for Yarn Forward Magazine, so in the meantime they are available here:

Issue 1 (pdf)

Issue 2 onwards, Kerrie has said she will be dealing with this.

If you find any further errors please let me know, either leave a comment here or send me an email at: yarnforwardcorrections AT heatherknits DOT com.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Forward Corrections

  1. Mary-Lou Quick

    That’s very helpful. As I did the 2 crochet patterns for issue 2, would you like me to go through them, and pass on any errata to you? I suspect it would be a good idea if they were all in one area, rather than some on your blog and some on mine

  2. katya

    Hi Heather,
    Would you like me to send you the word document or a pdf with the skirt’s instructions? Otherwise you can just copy it from my blog.

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