Le Tour de Fleece 2014: Stages Eight to Thirteen

Another busy week! We have only just got caught up with the cyclists again. It has been very dramatic racing. I don’t know how they cycle along in the temperatures they have had today. They said it was up to 40°C in the valleys! It got up to 28.4°C here, which was plenty hot enough for me.

It was Unwind Brighton last weekend which was marvellous fun. It was lovely to catch up with lots of people, and to see all the beautiful things in the marketplace, and learn lots of new things in the workshops. I am still recovering and processing all the information from the three very interesting workshops I attended. I am looking forward to reading through my notes and trying out some of the new ideas, lots of inspiration.

On the spinning front I have started on some Zwartbles I bought from John Arbon back in May. This is naturally very dark brown with a few white fibres from the white blaze which gives the sheep its name.

I have finished spinning the singles, and just started plying.


This will be a 3ply construction, and I am planning to make socks. This is the first time I have spun with Zwartbles. It is quite a springy wool, and moderately robust. Hopefully both good properties for a sock yarn.

Today’s coin is an Italian one Euro for Vincenzo Nibali’s third stage win.

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