Le Tour de Fleece 2014: Stage One

Its that time of year again when we spin along while watching the Tour De France. Amazingly this is my sixth year! The Tour has rather crept up on me this year and caught me slightly on the back foot. I still haven’t organised my photos from the lovely French Treats knitting holiday in France nearly a month ago – I shall hopefully do that on one of the Tour’s rest days.

Anyway, I had better get on with it otherwise we will be into Stage Two before I have written about Stage One!

This year I am starting off with some natural brown Shetland. Those of you with long memories will remember that I started spinning this towards the end of last year’s Tour!

ShetlandStageOneI have a kilo of fibre altogether, and now have only 100g left to go before the plying, so the end is in sight!

It was a gripping start to the race this year, through the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. We are enjoying the first year we have had HD TV.

Today’s coin is an Isle of Man pound coin. It wasn’t Mark Cavendish’s day unfortunately, hopefully his dislocated collar bone will be better soon.


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