Daily Archives: August 9, 2010

Sunshine merino / silk

The afternoon of the day I went up to Knit Nation saw me frantically plying the first lot of my sunshine coloured 70% merino / 30% silk that I had been spinning during the Tour de Fleece, in an attempt to have enough free bobbins for the workshops I was doing.

I am very pleased with how the first skein has come out:

455m and 78g, 3 plies, it is a bit thinner than a standard commercial 4ply yarn.

It has come out a bit thinner than I was planning. I think I got a bit paranoid about the last sock yarn I made being a bit thicker than I had planned so this time went overboard in the other direction. I am quite pleased by how even it has come out though and I think it should still make useable socks.

I’ve still got one single left to spin, and then I can finish off the plying and start knitting!