Le Tour de Fleece: Days Six to Fifteen

Well a lot of stuff has been going on here in the last week and a half, but not much spinning.

Last friday we went to Stratford to see Morte d’Arthur done by the RSC, the inlaws treated us in celebration of their birthdays. It was a really good production, very gripping and imaginative. We were back home on Saturday in time to clear the piles of stuff off the seats in the lounge just in time for my parents to come and stay for 4 days. They went home Tuesday, and I collapsed in a heap. On Wednesday morning I woke up and couldn’t move my head (sleeping is a clearly a dangerous activity). It is a lot better now but is still very painful, and although I can now move my head side to side it still wont go up and down properly. I have had enough of it now and would like it to just get better.

It is a bit painful to spin (actually its a bit painful to do a lot of things) so I haven’t done very much, although I have made a bit of headway on bobbin 5. Another dark photo today I’m afraid.

I am feeling a lot less tired than I have been the rest of the week though so I am finally starting to get caught up on bits and pieces which need doing.

Right, bedtime for tired Heathers. I am hoping to wake up tomorrow and feel miraculously better πŸ™‚ and less whingey πŸ™‚

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