Monthly Archives: April 2010

3 x 11

Happy birthday to me 🙂

It has been a good day so far. New knitting books, before 8am! A bit of chocolate in the afternoon, and I think a birthday curry from the takeaway down the road this evening.

I am hoping to get back to a bit more frequent and regular blogging. My parents got stuck in the US with all the ash business, but are home now, they stayed with us on Wednesday after flying in to Heathrow. I have been doing a bit of knitting and spinning. Several samples and experiments have been done for my next City and Guilds project, which is going to be a cushion cover. I am currently washing them so I will know their proper tension, then I can plan out the real thing and get started on it. I have even (shockingly!) finished a couple of projects which I must photograph and waffle on about. More soon, I have some serious curry decisions to make right now.


Things have been a bit quiet on the blog because I have been knitting like a maniac to get my Autumn in Anatolia jumper finished. I made it! and handed it in to Fiona to mark on Sunday. I shall now be catching up on everything I haven’t done over the last week or so, when it has been definitely knitting every minute that I could find to finish on time. I managed a row in the hairdresser, and a row at my Uncle and Auntie’s house when we went to see them last week. I am definitely getting better at time management though, because this time I had packed my bag and finished everything at 8pm the night before, rather than still printing charts at 5am like I was with my Keble Cardigan.

Anyway, back to the important stuff: here is the jumper:

And the back:

And another one of the front:

And lying flat:

As you can see the sleeves are looking a bit long because I had a moment of stupidity with the blocking. I laid it out on a towel and kept adjusting the shoulders to make sure they were even, not realising that I was stretching everything vertically. By the time I realised what I had done it had dried and there wasn’t enough time to wet and reblock. I will be doing that when it is back from marking.

Apart from that little hiccup I am very pleased and proud of it. I love the way the colours and patterns have come out and I think it is going to be very wearable. Although in typical fashion we are now having a week of warmish weather 🙂