Emerald Beaded Bracelet Pattern

This pattern was originally published in the March 2007 edition of MagKnits.

This easy and fun bracelet is quick to knit up in an evening or two. It would make a great last minute surprise gift for a friend, or make one to go with each of your outfits for parties.
I love knitting with teeny little needles and fine thread, and experimenting with the different shapes you can create by adding beads to basic garter stitch. The beads are all prestrung before the knitting starts, and all rows are knitted, with the same number of stitches in each row. The shaping is produced by varying the number of beads in a row. This bracelet makes a great introduction to the fun that is knitting with beads.

Skills needed

· Cast on

· Cast off (bind off)

· Knit

· Place a bead between knit stitches (instructions included in pattern)


· 1 x 10g (82m / 91 yds) ball Anchor Pearl Cotton No. 8 (also called Coton Perlé) in colour 100 (purple) (One 10g ball will make several bracelets)

· 1314 (approx. 15g) x size 11 seed beads in colour silver lined emerald rainbow

· Two 1.25mm (US Size 0000) knitting needles

· 9mm (3/8 in) press-stud (snap fastener)

· 1 beading needle and length of sewing thread to aid threading of beads

· Tapestry needle

Yarn substitutions

Any other crochet cotton of a similar thickness would be appropriate. A non-stretchy yarn works best for this design since otherwise the weight of the beads would distort the bracelet.

Finished size

The finished bracelet measures 17cm (6.75 in) long, and is 3cm (1.25 in) wide at the widest point.

Tension (gauge)

Approximately 60 stitches and 120 rows to 10cm (4 in) in garter stitch (knit every row) without beads using 1.25mm needles.

The tension (gauge) for this pattern is not critical since plain knit rows can easily be added in. Add more rows immediately after the cast on before the pattern begins, and add a similar number of rows immediately before the cast off. If the bracelet is coming out too long, simply omit 2 rows (or 4 if it is going to be really long) from each section of the pattern.

This pattern is available free as an electronic file in PDF format. File size is 754 KB. The pattern has 5 pages.

Download pattern now (This is a link to Ravelry but you don’t need to be a member to download the pattern)

Copyright Notice

All rights reserved. This pattern is for personal use only. This pattern, items made from this pattern or any portion of pattern or item may not be resold, or otherwise used for profit without express permission from the designer. This pattern may also not be distributed for free by any individual or shop without permission.

10 thoughts on “Emerald Beaded Bracelet Pattern

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  2. Carmen Landstrom

    re: Emerald Beaded Bracelet
    Cannot find pattern instructions on Ravelry or your site…is it no longer available? If it is, would it be possible foryou to e-mail to me.

    1. Heather Post author

      Dear Carmen,

      The Emerald Beaded Bracelet pattern is still available, it is in pdf format, and you can download it direcly by clicking here. Or if you prefer you can go to the page on ravelry and then click on the word “download” on the right hand side near the top.

      I hope this helps. Please let me know if there are still difficulties and I will do my best to solve it.

  3. Miriam B. Smith

    Lovely bracelet! Thanks for the pattern. I’ll be able to make bracelets to match my clothes. Thanks again. Miriam B. Smith

  4. junie

    Love the pattern, your Instructions are very easy for me to follow, I like that it is flat knit and not in the round, as i do not like knitting in the round.

    Please can you do more wrist cuffs and bracelets, with beads, maybe a little collection booklet ???
    I will keep looking

    Thanks so much

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you for such kind comments, and for your suggestion to make a collection booklet. I am hoping to design some more bracelets, and will certainly consider a booklet. It may take a little while, while I finish the City and Guilds course I am currently studying.

    1. Heather Post author

      Thank you for the little reminder 🙂 City and Guilds is currently taking over my dining table! Part of the Great Sort Out to deal with it all.


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