Monthly Archives: February 2008

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. We went to Paul’s parents for Christmas and had a wonderful time. Lots of food, lots of board games, quite a bit of knitting, and an opportunity for me to admire P’s mum’s tapestry weaving which looks great fun. I have also introduced her to the delights of Texere, it wont be long before her house is full of yarn too 🙂 I even actually finished knitting a Christmas present for my sister. I’m hoping to take a picture of it in situ this weekend. We had a quiet New Year at home which was great, and I was greatly amused by some of our neighbours having their fireworks at the slightly unconventional time of 10.45pm, perhaps it was so exciting that they just couldn’t wait, or that they were tired and wanted to do the fireworks and then go to bed.

This year I think is going to be the Year of the Big Tidy Up and Sort Out. Things have rather got on top of me over the last couple of months (actually over the last 3 or 4 years, but glossing over that aspect slightly) and it is getting to me. I have started, and am making progress although it is slow going. We now have a clear dining table, which in itself is nigh-on miraculous. The dining table in particular had become a dumping ground for various things which needed attention, and before I started sorting it was covered all over to an average depth of around 18 inches. The novelty of actually being able to eat off the table hasn’t worn off yet 🙂 I am on to the lounge now which is a major task. The pile on the coffee table is shorter but not gone yet, and the floor is still pretty horrendous, but I will get there in the end.

The sort out will also extend to my knitting. I have come to the conclusion that I don’t really like having that many works-in-progress. I just forget what I am doing on them. I think ideally I would like to have 2 or 3, to give a mixture of portable and knit-at-home, and complicated and pleasantly mindless. So as part of the organisation I am going to find all my notes on the various works-in-progress I have, and try and remember where I was with each of them in order to finish them off. I am also going to catch up with blogging about my works-in-progress. I will be back soon with photos!

So, what are your thoughts for 2008? Do you have a theme? Or a particular something you would like to do? I don’t really do New Year Resolutions, so I suppose this theme for the year is as close as I get.