Monthly Archives: December 2007

Happy Christmas

This last couple of months has zipped by horrifyingly fast as is often the way with the run-up to Christmas. Apologies for not posting for ages, and also for having fallen behind on my emails.

Work has been hectic, but is hopefully a bit more under control now. After weeks of feeling smug that I was the only person I knew who hadn’t had the nasty cold going round here, rather inevitably I came down with it in the week where I was playing in four Christmas concerts – two of which were outside! I’m feeling much better now although P is still sniffling.

There has been time for a bit of knitting, although it has been rather late at night. I finally finished the Christmas stocking for a friend’s son at 5am this morning, it is now in the post, and will hopefully make it in time!

Christmas Stocking for Ted

Anyway, off to do some of the many things on my do-before-Christmas list! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas and New Year. I will catch up with the rest of my Stitches report in the new year.