Daily Archives: September 10, 2007


I’m afraid I have been overdoing it again, I had hoped to post more frequently now on the shiny new blog but this last week or so has rather worn me out. I shall hope to be at least a little more coherent here than I have been in general the past few days – I hope you know what I mean to write even if I don’t quite manage to articulate it as well as I would wish. Despite my best efforts I haven’t managed to wedge any extra hours in the day yet. Also I am having to reluctantly admit that not sleeping in an attempt to gain more time for other things isn’t a particularly good long term solution. I am working on it!

The stranded hat is crawling along – when I find those extra hours in the day I am going to use them for knitting. I have got to the second crown now so I feel the end is in sight.

Stranded Hat

The two-handed knitting is definitely starting to feel a lot more natural and I am looking forward to finishing this and branching out into something a bit more complex. Talking of new techniques, I learned out to knit back backwards at the Reading knitting group on Saturday – good fun and I’m sure it will come in useful, although after my last brush with entrelac (a very large very green coat knitted a very long time ago and now relegated to camping due to its vast size) I am still feeling a little scarred.

I can’t think of a clever way of changing topic now, so I will just wave my arms around and you can fill in a witty and intelligent segue in the conversation. The subject being that I am going to be at the Knitting and Stitching show at the NEC on Thursday with my Mum. Anyone else going? I can’t make Ally Pally this year so we thought we would try the NEC and see what it is like.

And on that note, given that I have irrevocably proved that I am way too tired to write a sensible blog post I am going to go to sleep.